Our commitment is to serve not just the needs of our customers, but their passions. Our goal is to not only exceed the industry in customer satisfaction scores, but to reach the ‘WOW’ threshold in every aspect of our customer engagement. In order to fulfill this commitment it is equally important to maintain continuous excellence in manufacturing, logistics, and customer service.

We have a global network of manufacturing facilities that use state of the art lean manufacturing techniques that allow us to be highly responsive to market or environmental fluctuations in producing high quality products, passing on operational efficiencies to customers’ bottom line. We have a state of the art logistics operation that offers customized shipping programs per customers’ requirements. We also have a very personalized Customer Service and Relationship Management program and an exceptional ‘Brand to Generic’ conversion program both dramatically decreasing product substitution and drug shortages.


Biomes Global Reach

Biomes reach stretches beyond the United States. We have a team that plays a vital role in key partnerships in the global market place. Other markets served are Canada, the Caribbean, United Kingdom, Brazil, and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

Our expertise in regulations and compliance gives us an edge on understanding the need of each governing regulatory authority globally, it streamlines our process in product registration and because of our expertise it makes us a trusted source for serving the need of each governing authority. Biomes is not only an exceptional source for generic procurement but it is also a resource in product registration and compliance in emerging markets.

Biomes is committed in applying the highest quality standard in each market it enters and serves.